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15 Institutions Offering 50 Green Certificate Programs

There is a large and growing number of certificate programs that are designed to meet the demand for a wide range of green skills. Unlike many other sustainability oriented degrees these certificate programs are often less time intensive. While many of these certificate programs are part of traditional academic environments like universities and colleges, others are part of online educational settings and are tailored to the schedules of working professionals. Here are 15 institutions and a broad cross section of 50 green certificate programs that they offer:
  1. Aquinas College has a Professional Certificate Program in Sustainable Business.
  2. Anaheim University offers an Online Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Management.
  3. San Diego State University College of Extended Studies offers professional Certificates in three sustainable areas: Green building, energy management and sustainable practices.
  4. Irvine Valley College is a community college that offers Zero Waste certification for people seeking green jobs.
  5. The European Energy Centre offers a course called Understanding Policies and Finances - Fast Track to a Renewable Energy Consultancy Job, which earns the successful student the internationally recognized Galileo Master Certificate
  6. University of Vermont’s sustainability certificate programs teach students how to address such areas as reducing waste and conserving energy, water and other natural resources.
  7. The Blue Planet Academy offers five green certificate programs: Agronomist, Electrical Engineer RES (Renewable Energy Sources), Environment Expert, Recyclist, Water Technologist.
  8. The University of Washington’s Professional and Continuing Education department offers a certificate in Green IT.
  9. The University of Washington offers a certificate in Sustainable Transportation.
  10. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) offers specific certification for PV installers, PV technical sales and solar heating installers.
  11. There is also NABCEP certification for small wind installers.
  12. The Electronics Technicians Association (ETA) provides training and certification for PV Installers. They offer three levels of certification: Apprentice, Specialist, and Technician.
  13. ISSP offers a Sustainability Professionals Certificate. 
  14. Roof Integrated Solar Energy (RISE) offers a Certified Solar Roofing Professional (CSRP) credential for rooftop solar energy installation and maintenance.
  15. Green Education Online offers 21 very short duration green training modules that provide certificates upon completion:

  • Green Cleaning Specialist.
  • Green Germ Control Specialist.
  • Green Building for Health Care Professionals.
  • Green Building for Insurance Professionals.
  • Green Handyman and Weatherization Specialist.
  • Green Landscaping.
  • CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility/Green Business Practices.
  • Green Government Leader.
  • Green Certified Home Inspector.
  • Green Building for Mortgage Professionals- Level One Certification.
  • Green Building for Real Estate Professionals- Level One Certification.
  • Waste Management Coordinator.
  • Sustainability Planning Specialist.
  • Certified Sustainability Officer.
  • Introduction to Waste Management Concepts.
  • Green Government Leadership and Sustainability.
  • Introduction to Energy Efficient Mortgages.
  • Understanding Social Responsibility and Green Building for Lenders.
  • Introduction to Sustainability Planning.
  • Company Branding and Positioning in the Green Economy.
  • Waste Management for the Health Care Industry. 

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