Sunday, August 5, 2012

2012 World Green Roof Congress

The 2012 World Green Roof Congress (WGRC) will take place in Hangzhou China from October 22nd to October 26th. The 2012 WGRC will be co-sponsored by World Green Roof Infrastructure Network, International Rooftop Landscaping Association and Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government.

The WGRC event is a friendly public platform for people from the Vertical Planting industry around the world and from other industries who share concern for the global environmental protection. The event is a platform to exchange information on new concepts, technologies and policies of ecological environmental protection and to promote the development of Green Roof industry in all countries. The goal is to contribute to efforts that tackle global warming by building ecological, low-carbon and livable city.

Leaders, designers, architects and students will gather in Hangzhou, the most beautiful garden tour city in China. Hangzhou is also one of the richest cities in China, it has a rapidly growing economy and is a leader in green roof development.

For more information contact the International Liaison Department of the Organizing Committee of the World Green Roof Congress in Hangzhou China c/o William Wei:

Phone: 0086-1371 8888 305
Chinese website:

To register click here.

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