Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Energy Managment Tips for IT (White Paper)

Energy Aware Planning and
Decision Making White Paper

Proactive management of energy consumption is becoming increasingly critical. Businesses rely on IT, and IT relies on energy – often quite a bit of it in the case of corporate data centers. According to leading market research firm Freeform Dynamics Ltd* three consequences of this are:
 •  Energy consumption via the IT infrastructure is a significant cost, and therefore a potential constraint on IT-related activity when pressure to manage that cost is applied.
 •  Energy availability, i.e. being able to source enough energy to power the IT infrastructure and be confident in its supply, is fundamental to both growth and business continuity.
 •  Energy-related regulation will almost certainly have a direct or indirect impact on IT.
5 key imperatives for effective energy management:
 •  Acquire visibility
 •  Assign responsibility
 •  Rationalize applications
 •  Optimize the infrastructure
 •  Manage dynamically
DCIM: Bringing together the worlds of facilities and IT in a software solution that stresses availability, efficiency, and cost savings.
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