Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GRI & Sustainability Reporting Framework in Business School Curriculum

This paper by Allison C. Lai of the Dominican University in California addresses the rising trend of environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting and makes an argument for the GRI as the leading framework in the US. It further examines why students studying sustainable business should learn the GRI framework. Finally it explores how to integrate GRI concepts into Green curriculums and who benefits from having GRI in the curriculum.

Although the paper specifically addresses GRI projects at the Dominican University of California's Green MBA, similar or identical projects can be administered at any business school or sustainability program.

This paper serves to increase awareness, education, and implementation of sustainability reporting in the US. Measurement and reporting on social and environmental performance is crucial. This paper devises a strategy for developing and disseminating integrated sustainability strategies for businesses.

An analysis of sustainability reporting supports the argument for GRI as the leading framework for sustainability reporting in the U.S. The paper offers a powerful policy proposal for including GRI projects in business school curriculums.

To see the paper click here.

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