Friday, August 24, 2012

GRI Sustainability Reporting on Anti-Corruption and GHGs: Call for Public Comment

GRI invites you to help shape sustainability reporting on anti-corruption and greenhouse gas emissions, by providing feedback on proposed new reporting guidance before 12 November 2012. The full G4 Exposure Draft is still available for public comment until 25 September 2012. You can comment on the whole draft, and on the proposed new guidance on anti-corruption and greenhouse gas emissions separately, by following a simple process:

1. Download and read the G4 Exposure Draft (click here), or anti-corruption (click here) or greenhouse gas emissions guidance (click here).

2. Register on the GRI Consultation Platform (click here)

3. Provide your feedback

GRI is also holding workshops and webinars around the world – to join GRI, learn more about G4 and provide feedback on the draft guidance, register here.

For more information, to download consultation documents, and to submit feedback, Click here to visit the GRI website.

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