Friday, August 24, 2012

On-Line Sustainability Training Opportunities from the SLC

The Sustainability Learning Centre's (SLC) new e-learning Sustainability Education Series has over 50, 15 minute modules that focus on Green Core Competencies. The 50 modules range from Sustainability Planning to Green Fleet and Supply Chain Management.  Each module is 15 minutes, self-directed and complete with “tests for understanding”.  Participants can gain recognition toward sustainability learning certification.

Each training module provides information and directions for facilitating and developing key sustainability initiatives. Many companies and human resource executives require certain methodologies for on line training and the series meets these requirements as the courses are SCORM compliant, is of the highest quality in design and includes narration, graphics, and superior tests for knowledge.

To Register

To Register - click on the Core Competency title or picture for the program descriptions.  Only course groupings may be purchased, not individual courses.  Click on the Register tab to register.

Green Core Competencies & Courses

A competency is an observable, behavioural act that demonstrates a professional's knowledge, skill and ability.  Upon completion of each "core competency" participants receive a "Certificate of Completion".  These certificates can be used toward certification as a Sustainability Professional. 
  1. Pathway to Reimaging and Understanding Sustainability

    • The Natural Step E-Learning Course
    • Introduction to Sustainability & Understanding your Sustainable Self
    • Sustainability has a History
  2. Pathway to Sustainability Strategy

    • Planning Policies for Government & Business
    • Introduction to Action Initiatives
    • Guidelines for Transparency for your Stakeholders
    • Leadership & Administration
     For More Information on this Module or To Register
  3. Eco-Efficiency

    1. Energy Plan  (For More Information or To Register)
    2. Waste Management
      • Waste Concepts are a Part of History
      • Tracking & Transporting Waste
      • Solid Waste Principles
      • What can be Recycled?
      • A Plan to begin Managing your Waste
      • Contractual Guidelines are a Must
      For More Information or To Register
    3. Green Cleaning Practices
      • Becoming Familiar with Green Cleaning Concepts
      • Changing your Cleaning Practices
      For More Information or To Register
    4. Water Conservation
      • Efficient Use of Your Water Resources
      • Learn about Water Conservation (Case Study - health care)
      • Water Filtering Options & Storage
      • Preventing Storm Water Pollution
      For More Information or To Register
  4. Eco-Effectiveness

    1. Sustainable Supply Chains
      • Leadership, Assessment & Life Cycle Analysis
      • Environmental Costs and Benefits
      • Guiding Your Company's Plan
      • Success Story
      For More Information or To Register
    2.  Sustainable Purchasing Practices
      • Concepts in Green Purchasing
      • Involve your Purchase Department in Sustainability
      For More Information or To Register
    3. Transportation & Green Fleet Management
      • Introduction to Green Fleet Concepts
      • Alternative Fuel Overview
      • Green Fleet Case Studies
      • Green Transportation Saves on the Bottom Line
    4. Green Building/Systems/Materials
      • Green Building and Renovations Defined
      • Energy Efficient Systems
      • Driving Forces for Change
      • Risks and Benefits of Green Construction
      • Green Construction Risk Assessments
    5. Renewable Energy
      • Introduction Renewable Energy to Government & Business
      • Identifying Local Renewable Resources
      • Basic Training of Renewable Energy
      • Waste to Energy
  5. Sustainability Systems

    1. Environmental Accounting
      • General Environmental Management System Guidance
      • International Standards
      • Environmental Management System Implementation
      • Planning for Environmental Accountability
      • Tracking Carbon Emissions
    2. Green Certification and Standards
      • Green Certification and Standards
      • Energy Ratings and Audits Defined
      • Certifications and Energy Standard Case Studies
      • Green Building Adding to the Bottom Line
  6. Sustainable Consumption

  7. Social Responsibility

    1. Social Responsibility
      • Definition and Benefits
      • Guidelines for Transparency for Your Stakeholders
      • Leadership and Administration
  8. Food Service

    • Waste and Recycling in Food Service
    • Greener Food Service Practices


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