Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scientists Want Carbon Taxes to Address Climate Change

NASA scientist Jim Hansen calls for a carbon tax as he describes climate change inaction as the moral equivalent of supporting slavery. Hansen argues that current generations are morally responsible to protect the Earth for their children and grandchildren. He is calling for a global carbon tax and sees inaction on climate change as an "injustice of one generation to others". Preceding generations may have been able to plead ignorance but we no longer have that luxury.

As reviewed in a Guardian article, Hansen's latest scientific paper, which he co-authored with 17 other experts, urgently calls for an immediate 6% annual cut in CO2 emissions, and substantial growth in global forest cover. Hansen and his colleagues warn that failing to cut CO2 emissions by 6% now will mean that by 2022, the annual cuts would need to reach a more drastic level of 15% a year.

The paper argues that taxing fossil fuels successively more year on year is the fastest way of forcing radical emissions reductions, as well as fostering investment in low cost energy and technologies.

Under Hansen et al's carbon tax proposal, fossil fuels would not be subject to control from politicians who are always trying to curry favor and are easily influenced by the old energy industry.

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