Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Second Nature's Financing Sustainability on Campus Book

The book Financing Sustainability on Campus, provides higher education leaders with a comprehensive handbook to financing sustainability with real world examples, creative strategies, and clear explanations of a wide variety of financial tools and programs. This book offers a first-of-its-kind look at how colleges and universities are responding to the challenges of financing sustainability efforts. How can institutions blend financing options? How can a campus utilize a tax-exempt lease purchase contract? What tax incentives are available? When is bond financing your best option? What new liabilities will institutions need to recognize on their balance sheets? Geared to both newcomers and experienced practitioners, this guide walks you through the process—from identifying and analyzing the economics of proposed projects to execution—with examples from numerous individual campuses.

Financing Sustainability on Campus was written by Ben Barlow, a Second Nature Consultant and edited by Andrea Putman, the Second Nature Director of Corporate Partnerships. The introduction was written by Anthony Cortese, the President of Second Nature.

For information on how to order click on one of the two links below.
Financing Sustainability on Campus (e-book)
Financing Sustainability on Campus (printed book)

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