Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Academic Superiority of Green Schools

Green schools may be more conductive to academic success than traditional schools. As reviewed in a 2012 press release, the University of Colorado Denver (UCD) there is a positive correlation between green schools and academic success.

The research was funded by the GSNN and UCD. The research consisted of a survey sent to more than 350 primary and secondary schools that identified themselves as green. Schools that took part in the survey observe GreenPrint core practices as defined by the Green Schools National Network (GSNN).

There was a positive correlation between academic success and the following 5 GreenPrint core principles:

  1. Curriculum that advances environmental literacy and sustainability
  2. Stewardship and service learning
  3. Sustainable facilities design and management
  4. Health and well being
  5. Strong partnership and network
Although more research is needed, these results suggest that green schools may improve academic performance.

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