Thursday, August 16, 2012

The UK's University of Bradford Wins Recognition for Sustainable Building

Despite stiff competition, the UK's University of Bradford has won recognition for its sustainable building programme. Although there were many excellent projects entered into the competition, the University won the 'Carbon Champion of the Year,' award for 2012. The award is given out by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).

Because green buildings educate while at the same time reducing their environmental impact, schools are the perfect place to lead the green building revolution.

As noted in the awards programme for the event: "The Higher Education sector is in a unique position to make a positive contribution in meeting one of the challenges in our global society. The University of Bradford has embarked on a journey of embedding sustainable development across the whole of the University. It is an ambitious and visionary programme which is creating systemic change across everything they do."

The CIBSE programme judges commented of the award: "The University has a comprehensive programme which has not only reversed the previous trend of rising energy use and emissions, but reduced them by 8% since the start of the programme in 2005. The length of the programme and the commitment of the University to deliver improved building performance marked them out as the 2012 CIBSE Carbon Champion of the Year."

Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Mark Cleary, said: "It doesn't get much bigger than this in terms of recognition from the Industry of exceptional work in sustainable and environmentally friendly development. As the CIBSE judges said, this award is not for a 'one-year -wonder' but recognises the culmination of the best part of a decade of determined work by the University to produce world-class facilities for our students to live and learn in. We are bucking a trend across the sector as we now seeing our carbon emissions levels falling, and will continue our good progress by opening our Sustainable Enterprise Centre building in 2012."

For more information about the University's Ecoversity programme click here, or the Estates & Facilities Environment website here.

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