Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Top Ten Green Masters Degree Programs

There are a growing number of green masters programs in the US. With a global economy continuing to show signs of weakness people are flocking to educational programs that are associated with the growing green market. Forbes reports that there is already a $6 trillion clean energy business opportunity. While others suggest that there will be a $13 trillion dollar market for clean energy over the next two decades.

There is a growing demand for people schooled in sustainability.  To train people for the new green economy and to meet the growing need for sustainability managers, universities and colleges across the nation are offering green masters programs that are focused on sustainability.

The pursuit of a masters program focused on sustainability is one of the best ways to develop the kind of  skills that will be in demand well into the foreseeable future.

Here is a quick summary of ten masters programs focused on sustainability.
  1. Presidio Graduate School offers a dual MBA and MPA in Sustainable Management, the Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco has built a curriculum based around sustainable systems, leadership, and business foundations. 
  2. Stanford University's Business Strategies for Environmental Sustainability program explores what it means to turn sustainable business practices into competitive advantage. 
  3. Hult Business School offers a Masters degree in Social Entrepreneurship.  
  4. The University of Michigan is attempting to be green both within its core curriculum and the very architectural structure in which classes take place. 
  5. Dominican University of California's Green MBA approaches sustainability as a complex issue--not only studying and using existing tools, frameworks and practices, but also creating new ways of thinking about how to resolve and mitigate complex issues such as climate change. 
  6. Bainbridge Graduate Institute has constructed a specific MBA in Sustainable Business. 
  7. Ashridge Masters in Sustainability and Responsibility is a practice based program is for students who want to an education in responsible and successful business.  
  8. Yale University School of Management has been infusing its MBA program with a more sustainable agenda.  
  9. Antioch University offers a masters degree in urban sustainability. 
  10. Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina (UNC) has an MBA with a concentration in Sustainable Enterprise. 
Some of these programs accommodate busy professionals by offering programs that are completely or partly online. For a summary of online green MBA programs click here.

To see the top five green MBA programs click here. To see a directory of US Green MBA programs click here. To see a list of the world's best green MBA programs click here.

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Anne said...

When you take an online masters degree programs, what's amazing is the flexibility in the schedule.

Anne said...

Included in the top ten is the online construction management masters degree right?