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BIT's World Congress of Greentech (Event)

On October 19-21, 2012, BIT's annual World Congress of Greentech will take place in Guangzhou Baiyn International Convention Center, China. This conference will focus on practical perspectives on green economy, promotion of sustainable or renewable energy, and technical solutions.

The mission of the World Congress is to reign in excessive emissions from fossil fuels, halt the rise of the oceans and avoid extreme weather. The event promulgates practical solutions and policies for greenhouse gas mitigation.

The conference will cover a wide array of topics related to the development of a low carbon economy to manage climate change.

They look to stakeholders in the low carbon economy who are engaging policy makers, NGO leaders, economists, investors, engineers, scientists, industrial leaders, carbon traders, brokers, clean emerge producers, and energy consumers.

There will be a Cluster of conference with 5 Co-current Symposiums. There will also be cutting-edge keynote addresses by prominent leaders from China and abroad, 300+ sessions covering issues related to sustainable development, 1000+ oral presentations from world leaders.

This gathering of experts from around the globe are seeking to develop a low carbon economy and promoting energy efficiency, clean energy.

This conference is also an unparallelled opportunity to develop long-term partnerships with Fortune 500, investors, VCs, GCs and Financing Institutions that are looking for interesting projects. The event also boasts a low carbon career fair.

Join organizers in Guangzhou who are gathering to engage the historic task of preserving our planet for future generations.

Here are six forums from the Summit:

Forum 1: Clean Development Mechanisms - Rebuild Economic Order and Policy beyond Copenhagen Conference  
Forum 2: Emission Trade based Green Economy - Each Nation’s Role in Climate Change Control  
Forum 3: Implementation of Low Carbon Industries Secondary Sector - Local Solutions to Global Problems: Take Action for Climate Changes  
Forum 4: Implementation of Low Carbon Industries- Secondary Sector - Translation of Traditional Processes to Advanced Green Manufacturing  
Forum 5: Clean Sciences and Technology for Traditional Energy & Sustainable Industries - Barriers, Policy-Makers and Roles of Market Players  
Forum 6: Low Carbon Green Architecture - Across Cultural Exchanges of Credits to Control Greenhouse Gases

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