Monday, September 17, 2012

The CDP Identifies Germany as the Global Sustainability Leader

According to The Carbon Disclosure Project's (CDP) list of top ten sustainable corporations, Germany is the dominate global force. Finland is ranked second, Spain is third and the Netherlands are fourth. Germany earned almost half of the top ten positions as ranked by the CDP. While four of the world's top ten companies come from Germany, none of the top ten are from the US.

The leadership of German companies should come as no surprise given the country's clean energy ambitions. Germany is already a global leader in wind, solar. Germany is aiming to get 80 percent of its electricity from renewable sources of energy by 2050. To help meet its ambitious target Germany is investing in R&D to pioneer new approaches to bioenergy, green hydrogen and energy storage.

The company with the highest disclosure score in this year's analysis (receiving the maximum score of 100) was the German pharmaceuticals company Bayer. The pharmaceutical giant got top marks for its disclosure on sustainability matters and an "A" grade for its actual results.

In third place was German company BASF followed by BMW. Both companies earned a score of 99 (out of a possible 100). In the eighth position was the Allianz Group (Germany). All three companies received "A" grades for their actual results.

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