Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Clean Edison's Commercial Energy Auditor Training

It is truly an exciting time to get involved in the building energy management field. Whether your interests lie in commercial energy auditing or building energy management, Clean Edison's commercial energy auditor training can lay the foundation for you to jump right in.

Governments around the world are constantly incentivising the move toward the construction of more energy smart buildings and with this comes an increased need for building energy management and in house commercial energy auditors. With CleanEdison’s Professional Building Energy Management Training these are exactly the services you will be capable of providing. That makes today, the Best time to enter the commercial energy auditing and building energy management fields with certified building energy management training.

Clean Edison's commercial energy auditor training is designed by the Association of Energy Engineers to train in-house facilities and maintenance personnel to be experienced and knowledgeable energy professionals capable of effectively auditing, retrofitting, and managing buildings to save energy, significantly decrease operating costs, and earn energy-related incentives. AEE's BEST course and certification program verifies the quality of the services you will provide and distinguishes you from the competition. This means that not only will you be able to competently and efficiently carry out the job a hand but you will be among the best in the industry at accomplishing this task.

Clean Edison's commercial energy auditor training is an intensive 4-day course, with an open-book certification exam on the afternoon of the fourth day. A passing grade of over 70% is required, and each exam is directly sent to the AEE to be graded by the Director of the BEST Program.

For a full course schedule or to purchase their BEST training course click hereor call (646) 490-2894.

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