Monday, September 24, 2012

Climate Protection and Environmental Sustainability (Course)

From Monday September 24 to Sunday December 9, 2012, an online course will take place that involves a systems engineering approach to develop and implement a Strategic Plan for climate protection and sustainable practices. This is an elective course in the Certificate Program in Environmental Management and an elective course in the Certificate Program in Sustainable Business Management.

In the "Climate Protection and Environmental Sustainability" (ENGRCEE X468) course participants will explore the forces driving sustainability change, the application of sustainable practices. They will also be guided through an analysis to develop a vision and plan for implementation.

Topics covered include:
  • understanding the forces driving change, 
  • developing a Strategic Vision, 
  • identifying options and analyzing sustainability solutions, 
  • developing and communicating a Sustainability, Climate Protection, or Impact Reduction Plan. 
Learn a systems approach to developing a sustainable business or community - whether to affect the bottom line for energy usage, develop new markets, or "Go Green".

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