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Courses from Virginia Renewable Energy School

Virginia Renewable Energy School offers a number of courses focused on the provision of renewable energy like solar and wind. These short duration courses are between two and five days. Here is a short list of the courses they offer:

A Variety of Green-Collar Workshops
2 Day Intro to Solar Photovoltaics Workshop
3 Day Intro to PV Design & Installation
3 Day Solar Sales & Estimation
4 Day Energy Auditor Training w/opportunity for BPI certification exam 
5 Day Solar Thermal Installation
5 Day Wind Energy Design & Installation
5 Day Fundamenals of Solar PV, Design & Installation

5 Day Fundamentals of Solar PV (*Prerequisite)

Following are the primary topics covered in this course and correspond with chapter in the Photovoltaic Systems textbook:

· Chapter 1: Introduction to Photovoltaic SystemsSolar Technologies - History and Development - Markets and Applications - Industry Sectors

· Chapter 2: Solar RadiationTerminology & Definitions - Geometric & Atmospheric Effects - Solar Power & Energy - Measurements & Data

· Chapter 3: Site Surveys and PreplanningCustomer Development - Site Assessment - Locating PV Arrays - Shading Analysis - Project Planning and Preparation

· Chapter 4: System Components and ConfigurationsMajor Components - Balance-of-System - System Classifications and Designs

· Chapter 5: Cells, Modules and ArraysPrinciples of Operation - I-V Characteristics - Response to Irradiance and Temperature - Series/Parallel Connections - Specifications and Ratings

· Chapter 6: BatteriesTypes and Characteristics - Functions and Features - Specifications and Ratings

· Chapter 7: Charge ControllersTypes and Characteristics - Functions and Features - Specifications and Ratings - Sizing

· Chapter 8: InvertersDefinitions and Terminology - Types and Applications - Functions and Features - Selection and Sizing - Monitoring and Communications

· Chapter 9: System Sizing

· Chapter 10: Mechanical IntegrationDesign Considerations - Array Mounting Configurations - Structural Loads - Installation

· Chapter 11: Electrical IntegrationTerminology and Definitions - Circuit Design Requirements - Specifying Electrical Components - Code-Compliant Installation Practices

· Chapter 12: Utility InterconnectionCodes and Standards - Utility Considerations - Supply and Load Side Connections - Interconnection Agreements

· Chapter 13: Permitting and InspectionPermit Submittal Guidelines - Plan Review - System Labels - Inspection Checklists

· Chapter 14: Commissioning, Maintenance and TroubleshootingSystem Commissioning - Maintenance Plans - Diagnostics

· Chapter 15: Economic AnalysisIncentives - Value Assessment - Life Cycle Costs Analysis - Financial Tools

· Chapter 16: PV System Safety Hazards and Avoidance - Personal Protective Equipment - Fall Protection - Electrical Safety


This course and associated self-study program are intended to help prepare participants to pursue and attain the PV installer certification credentials offered by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), UL University and others. This training does not result in any certification from the Virginia Renewable Energy School or otherwise. Participants will receive a course completion certificate, documenting the course content and hours of training. *This course is not part of the NABCEP Entry Level program.*

Pre-Course Assignments

Participants are encouraged to complete the following advance reading assignments, exercises and self-study prior to the course. These preparations are essential for participants to gain the most from this course, and to accomplish the stated course objectives and intended outcomes. These pre-course assignments will require the textbook Photovoltaic Systems (which will be provided), and a PC computer with internet access to run the Photovoltaic Systems CD-ROM (included in the back of the text), and to access online information. Participants should bring the text, reference materials and completed assignments to the class for review as well as a simple calculator.

Reading Assignment: Photovoltaic Systems, Chaps 1-5. Answer review questions at the end of each chapter and complete the Quick Quizzes on the CD-ROM.

Exercise: Conduct a PV system site survey on your home or business, and complete the site survey form on the CD-ROM.

Exercise: Based on the results of your site survey, determine the maximum PV capacity (kW) that can be installed, and estimate the system performance using the online tool PVWATTS

Exercise: Download and review the specification sheet and installation instructions for the SolarWorld SM175 PV module (PDF).

Exercise: Determine the appropriate string sizing using the SolarWorld SM175 module and SMA 6000US inverter. Use the SMA online string sizing tool to determine the minimum and maximum number of series-connected modules that can be used with this inverter for your application. SMA-America.

In addition to these courses, Virginia Renewable Energy School also offers specifically designed courses for business to business & city/county inspectors/licensing agents.

For more information or to register click here.

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