Monday, September 24, 2012

Distance Education at the Centre for Environment, University of Toronto - Fall 2012 Semester

The fall semester of the UofT's Distance Education at the Centre for Environment begins on Monday September 24 and ends on Sunday Dec 16, 2012. These online courses address the challenge of sustainability as a global opportunity for collaboration across disciplines, between academics, governments and business leaders.

In today’s competitive marketplace, a strong economy requires a well-educated and highly skilled workforce. A company’s performance is directly tied to the skills of its employees. The School of the Environment is teaching and training tomorrow’s experts to meet these challenges by providing valuable knowledge, opening new career paths, fueling economic growth and helping learners achieve their personal and professional goals.

The Centre for Environment at the University of Toronto specializes in innovative, completely on-line, distance education courses and certificate programs for working professionals. Our applied and professional programs are developed in collaboration with industry experts and taught by leading industry practitioners ensuring current and leading edge knowledge and skills. Courses are developed for mid-career professionals and entrepreneurs who need to enhance their expertise, internationally educated professionals augmenting credentials for the Canadian context and recent college and university graduates seeking to advance their careers, enabling all to excel. Make informed decisions: impact your profession.

Fall 2012 Courses:

GIS for Environmental Management:
• Introduction to GIS for Environmental Management (GEM 400)
• Advanced GIS for Environmental Management (GEM 401)
• Geospatial Technologies for Environmental Mapping With Gis (GEM 402)

Carbon Finance:
• Environmental Finance (ECF 400)
• Environmental Finance Case Study: Eu Ets (ECF 402)
• GHG Accounting and Reporting (ECF 403)

Renewable Energy:
• Principles of Renewable Energy (CRE 400)
• Urban Energy Systems (CRE 403)
• Solar Energy (CRE 404) (course syllabus coming soon)

Environmental Management:
• Fundamentals of Environmental Management CEM 400
• Environment and Human Health CEM 404
• Strategies of Environmental Management CEM 402

WRM Courses • Water Resource Management WRM 400
• Principles of Renewable Energy CRE 400
• Global Environmental Change and Human Health CEM 405

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