Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Free-Market Case for Sustainability from a Skeptic (Video)

Free market capitalist, libertarian, and green advocate T. J. Rodgers is neither a Democrat nor a Republican, yet he enthusiastically makes the business case for companies cashing in on renewable energy like solar power. He has demonstrated through his own experience and the experience of his company (Sunpower) that going green is fiscally responsible. Rodgers is even receptive to President Obama's take on cap-and-trade. What makes his approach particularly interesting is the fact that his advocacy does not engage the environmental argument, rather he argues the case for green based upon the benefits provided to business.

As Rodgers says, it makes sense to provide people what they want and make it efficiently leading the charge for renewable energy. A dedicated, unabashed, free market capitalist, T. J. Rodgers takes a business approach that is skeptical of the impacts of global warming.

While he cannot refute the science that indicates the planet is warming due to human activities, he is skeptical of the degree of warming, he does not foresee a catastrophic sea level rise, nor does he see the relationship between a warming planet and extreme weather. He goes on to assail Al Gore's stance on the environment. However, he makes the point that you do not need to support the science of climate change to see the merits of companies being more sustainable.

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