Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Green Leadership of Lawthorn Primary School in Scotland

Scottish school, Lawthorn Primary has reduced its footprint and they are teaching other schools to do the same. Schools across Scotland have access to the school's global footprint resource. Every aspect of the school’s consumption has been examined from the kitchen to the bathroom. They monitor their activities and set goals.

The school has already managed to reduce energy usage by almost half (43 percent). They are saving water, and reusing plastic bottles, (eg to make a greenhouse), even the number of cars coming to the school has been reduced by sixty percent. The academic curriculums of the students are also benefiting as these projects are being put to use to encourage learning, from social studies to mathematics.

The school has the support of the Scottish government, which is a leader in renewable energy. The government has pledged to create all of Scotland’s electricity from green energy by 2020, to reduce greenhouse gasses by 42 per cent by 2020. Scotland's government is also serious about sustainability education. In response to the UN Decade of ESD, promised that by 2014 people in Scotland will have developed the knowledge, skills, understanding and values to live sustainable lives.

The net greenhouse gas emissions in Scotland have been reduced by 27.6 percent since 1990. Having access to the material from organizations such as UNESCO, the World Wildlife Fund, and Eco‐Schools Scotland, has provided teachers and pupils with a wealth of information to choose from, and has allowed them to improve their learning.

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