Thursday, October 11, 2012

Citizens United is Helping Romney to Win the White House and Destroy the Environment

The Citizens United court decision is helping Mitt Romney, the vehemently anti-environment Republican presidential contender. If the Republican nominee were to win the US presidential election it would be a devastating blow for the environment. With the help of unlimited spending he very well might succeed.

As reported by the Center for Public Integrity analysis, the Citizens United court decision is heavily favoring Romney. Since Labor Day, 70 percent of outside spending on the presidential race was made possible by the court decision.

According to the analysis of Federal Election Commission data, since September 3, $80 million out of a total of $118 million spent by both sides, were attack adds directed against President Barack Obama.

One of the defining features of this election is the Super PACs which are a direct by-product of the Citizens United decision. They receive unlimited funding from anyone including corporations and they need not disclose their donors.

The largest super-PAC and the most spending comes from American Crossroads, a conservative group co-founded by Republican strategist Karl Rove.

While supporters of Citizens United are quick to point out that unions (which commonly support the Democrats) can also provide unlimited funding. However a breakdown of spending reveals that Super P
ACs spend about one hundred time more than unions (see below).

Total Citizens United related spending since Labor Day: $217.3 million

Super PACs   $119.9 million
Nonprofits      $95.9 million
Unions            $1.3 million
Other              $160,000

Total spent on the presidential race since Labor Day: $118.7 million*

Pro-Romney and anti-Obama ads: $85 million
Pro-Obama and anti-Romney ads: $32.2 million

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