Tuesday, October 30, 2012

International Green Awards 2012 Short Lists Announced

The short list for the International Green Awards was announced on October 15th. “This year, the awards introduced a revolutionary new entry format in the bid to find organizations that have embedded sustainability across their processes. Organizations were evaluated on sustainability vision, level of innovation and advocacy against 8 sustainability indicators ranging from energy and carbon, through to supply chain and resources. Additionally, the awards have also partnered with WWF-UK to find one true ‘Green Game-Changer’ across products, services and business models.”

Most Sustainable Large Corporation

Brasil Foods (Brazil)
Hitachi (Global)
Iberdrola (Spain)
Interface (Global)
ITC Hotels (India)
Pearson Plc (Global)

Most Sustainable Medium Organisation

Ecotricity (UK)
Focus Press (Australia)
Kyocera (UK)
Numi Organic (USA)
Sydney Theatre Company (Australia)
Yealands Estate Wines (New Zealand)

Most Sustainable Small Organization

AJDR (Rwanda)
EcoChain Technologies (Netherlands)
Green Bottle (UK)
The Big Lemon (UK)
Permanent Publications (UK)

Most Sustainable NGO

Big Green Litter Machine (UK)
East Clare Community Cooperative (Republic of Ireland)
Green Globe (Lebanon)
Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens (USA)
Sahabat Alam (Indonesia)

Most Sustainable Educational Institution

Bentleigh Secondary College (Australia)
York University (Canada)
University of Washington (USA)
Abu Dhabi Indian School (UAE)

Most Sustainable Government

City of Philadelphia (USA)
City of Sydney (Australia)
Dublin Fire Brigade (Republic of Ireland)
Songa-pu Office (Republic of Korea)
Water Replenishment District (USA)

WWF Green Game-Changer

C-Change Retrofit Mortgage Discount (UK)
IntelligentCity – Philips Lighting (EMEA)
Streetbank (UK)
YouGen (UK)

The winners will be announced at the International Green Awards™ ceremony on November 20th, 2012 at Battersea Power Station, London.

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