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The Green Market Oracle's Third Annual School Sustainability Series for 2012

Each year The Green Market puts together a summary of the latest information and resources on sustainability in education. This series reflects the importance of the green schools movement to contribute to the growth of the global economy and the health of the planet.

Last year over 70 posts came together to create the Green Schools Series 2011. In 2010 there were more than 60 posts that comprised the series for that year.

This year there are a total of more than 65 posts for the third annual installment of the series. In addition to posts on programs and campuses, there are two new sections on "Teacher Resources" and "Business Schools."


The New Era of Green Schools
The Need for Global Environmental Education
Higher Education Leading the Way Towards Sustainability (Video)
Second Nature | Education for Sustainability (Video)


America's Greenest Schools from Sierra
Best Green Colleges: Sierra's Cool Schools 2012 (Video)
Princeton Review 2013 Green Honor Roll Ranking of US Colleges
Best Green Colleges: Princeton Review 2013 (Video)
15 Institutions Offering 50 Green Certificate Programs
Top Ten Green Masters Degree Programs
Distance Education at the Centre for Environment, University of Toronto - Fall 2012 Semester
The Greenest College Campuses (Infographic)
On-Line Sustainability Training Opportunities from the SLC
International Society of Sustainability Professionals Educational Programs
Free Online Environmental Education
Vermont Law School Online Environmen​tal Master’s Program
The School of Earth and Environment (SEE)
The University of Vermont's Advanced Certificates in Sustainability
Antioch University's Masters Degree in Urban Sustainability
Courses from Virginia Renewable Energy School
Clean Edison's Commercial Energy Auditor Training
Climate Protection and Environmental Sustainability (Course)
GRI Training from BrownFlynn
Green Education Services


Green School Buildings Serve our Collective Best Interest (Video)
The Academic Superiority of Green Schools
National Wildlife Federation's Campus Case Studies
EPA's Green Power Partnerships Top 20 Colleges & Universities
EPA's 2012 Green Power Partnership: Top 20 K-12 Schools
Second Nature's Financing Sustainability on Campus Book
Second Nature's Advancing Green Building in Higher Education Program
Green Schools Design Essentials
Green Roofs on College Campuses Around the World
The Green Leadership of Lawthorn Primary School in Scotland
The New School's Sustainability Initiatives (Video) 
Green Buildings of the Future at UC Irvine (Video) 
The UK's University of Bradford Wins Recognition for Sustainable Building
Ball State is Building the Largest Geothermal System in the US
Butte College 2012: Grid Positive School (Video)
Queens College Residence has a LEED Gold Rating
Early History of Sustainability at Queens College
Queens College Sustainability Plan
Queens College Sustainability Mission


Renewable Energy Teaching Tools: Sprout and KidWind
Sprout Educational Program (Video) Kid Wind Challenge (Video)
Kid Wind Education Company (Video)
Education and Rio+20
RIO + 20's Education for Sustainable Development
UNESCO's Education for Sustainable Development 
GSA Programs Provide Tools to Students to Save Their Future
Student Climate & Conservation Corps
The Green Cup Challenge®
The Green Schools Alliance
The Billion Dollar Green Challenge Financing Initiative
AASHE Campus Sustainability Data Collector and the STARS Reporting Tool
University of Washington Sustainable Transportation Programs (Video)
Second Nature's Education for Sustainability Innovation Program


Using Sustainability to Enrich Your Curriculum (Video)
Sustainability in the Curriculum as a Commitment Focal Point (Video)
Environmental Education Resources
Teacher Resource: GoGreen the Database
The Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit
Renewable Energy Teaching Tools: Sprout and KidWind


Call to Service: Teaching Sustainability at Business Schools
The Role of Business Schools Embedding Sustainability (Video)
GRI & Sustainability Reporting Framework in Business School Curriculum
Business Education in Sustainability (Video)
Top 5 Green Business Schools in the US

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