Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Vote for Obama is a Vote for Survival

This may be the most important election in US history. There are two clear and distinct paths going forward, the choice Amercans make today will reverberate around the world and define the future. For anyone who sees the value of the environment or who understands the crucial importance of developing clean energy the choice is obvious.

President Obama has been endorsed by the Sierra Club, Environment America, the League of Conservation Voters, and Clean Water Action. In addition the President has recieved endorsements from Mayor Bloomberg, Colin Powell, Gov. Cuomo, and even Gov Christie.

There is no guarantee that a vote for Obama will succeed in staving off the worst effects of climate change, but it is the best shot we have to protect our planet. We know that a vote for Mitt Romney will increase America's dependence on fossil fuels while decreasing clean energy. A vote for the Republicans will also undermine decades of environmental protections. It is not overstating the case to say a vote for Romney risks runaway climate change which could result in death on a planetary scale.

The Citizens United supreme court decision has enabled the fossil fuel industry to spend 158 million dollars trying to buy this election and continue their reign of terror on the environment. Despite considerable resistance and misinformation from Republicans, President Obama has done a great deal for the environment and the economy. He has rescued America from the failed economic policies of his Republican predecessor.

Republicans resisted Obama's stimulus which included 175 billion in green investment. Under Obama the US economy has grown for 15 consecutive months adding 171,000 jobs in October alone. The unemployment rate has fallen below 8 percent for the first time since the GOP's emphasis on deregulation created the worst recession since the great depression. President Obama has not only helped to create jobs, he has been a champion of good green jobs.

For their part Republicans continue to preach the same failed economic rhetoric that created this crisis in the first place. They have resisted the President's environmental initiatives and they have openly declared war on climate science.

Hurricane Sandy, like Hurricane Irene and the Tornadoes in 2011 have made it clear that there are devastating costs to climate change. Rather than decrease anthropogenic causes of extreme weather or help individuals impacted by these events, Republicans want to privatize FEMA and increase America's consumption of fossil fuels.

For the sake of your children, for the sake of your grandchildren and for your own sake vote for Obama. Vote for clean air, vote for clean water, vote for a living planet. Although Republicans like to talk about jobs and the economy, there is no work on a dead planet.

Voting to reelect President Obama is crucial because we simply cannot afford to have Mitt Romney in the White House.

Here are five things Americans can do to help secure an Obama victory:

1. Tell your friends on Facebook in battleground states to make their voices heard.

2. Sign up to help get out the vote.

3. Call voters in key states.

4. Go vote—and bring a neighbor (or five). Confirm where you'll vote.

5. Then help spread the word—let everyone know you voted, and ask them to do the same.

Of all the things that Americans can do this election day the most important single thing is to vote. To find out where you can vote click here.

© 2012, Richard Matthews. All rights reserved.

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