Friday, November 16, 2012

AT&T's Record Breaking Recycling for Wireless Devices

As reported in an Environmental Leader article, Guinness World Records have certified that AT&T customers broke a world record by recycling 50,942 wireless devices during a one-week period. In 2011 AT&T collected about three million cell phones for reuse and recycling and the company's new trade in program is expected to help AT&T surpass that number in 2012.

The recycling of these AT&T devices in 2011 avoided sending 25,471 pounds of waste to landfills. In September, AT&T launched a line of phone chargers with housings made of at least 30 percent post-consumer plastics. The chargers are also Energy Star 5-rated, meaning that they use “minimal” power when plugged in.

In July of this year, AT&T was named as the most sustainable US telecoms firm in a study by Verdantix. Also in July, the company launched its eco-ratings system in stores, allowing customers to compare cell phones’ environmental impacts.

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