Sunday, November 18, 2012

Generating Growth: Renewable Energy World Event

On December 11 - 13, 2012, the Renewable Energy World event titled "Generating Growth" will take place in in Orlando, Florida. This event is the world’s premier power generation exhibition, it affords the opportunity to see the future of the industry first-hand.

This event is co-located with POWER-GEN International in 2012. It uniquely offers unprecedented access to the latest information, solutions and technologies driving the success of your business and the future of our industry. Join thousands of colleagues as one clean energy industry and see how three days can inspire new strategies and provide answers to your most critical questions.

  • The latest technological advancements in all the renewable energy sectors 
  • Networking with colleagues and business prospects during the co-located networking events 
  • Sharing best practices in the interactive conference sessions 
  • Receiving in-depth training in a Competitive Power College (CPC) 
Keynote Speaker

Gordon L. Gillette is President of both Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas, combining the functions and operations of electric and gas under one management team for the first time at TECO Energy. He is responsible for operations of the utilities, including Energy Supply, Energy Delivery Operations and Engineering, Customer Care, Fuels Management, and Regulatory Affairs.

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