Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is a Wake-up Call for those who Doubt the Science of Climate Change (Video)

This video address Hurricane Sandy and the relationship of this super-storm to climate change. founder Bill McKibben says the storm is a wake-up call. Climate scientist Greg Jones from Southern Oregon University says: "This is a unique event and as a climate scientist I worry that these events will be more frequent."

The storm killed 66 people in the Caribbean and the most recent figures put the death toll in the US at almost one hundred people. Bill McKibben, founder of says the megastorm comes at a time when President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney have refused to make climate change an issue on the campaign trail. For the first time since 1984, climate change was never addressed during a presidential debate. "It's really important that everybody, even those who aren't in the path of this storm, reflect about what it means that in the warmest year in U.S. history ... when we saw essentially summer sea ice in the Arctic just vanish before our eyes, what it means that we're now seeing storms this unprecedented magnitude," McKibben says. "If there was ever a wake-up call, this is it."

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