Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moving Markets: GISR and the Future of Sustainability Ratings Webinar

The GISR Standard Development Program GISR Webinar will take place on December 13th from 10:00 - 11:00 AM EST. This webinar will deal with the issues shaping the future of and impact for sustainability (ESG) ratings, rankings and indices.

The interactive webinar will include experts from the sustainability ratings community - asset owners, asset managers, companies, ratings analysts. Bob Willard and Allen White will also be present for an exploration of critical issues shaping the next generation of sustainability ratings and what it will mean for companies and capital markets. This webinar is the first opportunity for investors, companies, ratings experts, and NGOs to learn about the ways to and benefits for engaging in GISR’s standard development program in 2013.

Topics include:

• The strategic fit of ratings in the emerging system of sustainability data, disclosure, performance assessment, and decision-making
• The case for convergence and accreditation around sustainability ratings’ principles, issues and indicators
• How the GISR standard development program is poised to influence the future of ratings and redefining the definition of value and value creation from business
•Standard development: We will introduce the launch plan for the three phases of the standard and introduce ways for asset owners, asset managers, companies, NGOs, non-profits and raters to participate and shape the future of GISR and ratings

  • Bob Willard, Founder and CEO, Sustainability Advantage. Advisory boards; The Natural Step Canada, Forum for the Future US. Core faculty, the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP). Expert Advisor, GISR.
  • Allen White, Co-Founder and former CEO, GRI; Founder & Co-Chair, GISR
  • Mark Tulay, Program Manager, GISR. Bob Willard, author of The New Sustainability Advantage and other books on corporate sustainability, is a widely recognized speaker to business audiences worldwide. A leading authority on sustainable strategies, governance and practices, Bob will present his perspective on the value proposition of GISR in from the company and investor perspectives.
  • Dr. Allen L. White, Vice President and Senior Fellow, Tellus Institute, is co-founder of the Global Reporting Initiative and served as its first CEO and Founder and Co-Chair of GISR. He also is Director of Corporation 2020, an initiative focused on designing future corporations to create and sustain social mission, and serves as Senior Advisor to BSR. Dr. White has held faculty and research positions at the University of Connecticut, Clark University and Battelle Laboratories, and is a former Fulbright Scholar in Peru.
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