Saturday, November 3, 2012

Romney Ignores the Causes of Hurricane Sandy as Republicans Shout Down Climate Change Advocate (Video)

At a Romney rally in Richmond, Virginia, a Climate Change advocate was shouted down by an angry crowd of Republicans. In response to the statement "What about climate? That's what caused this monster storm. Climate change," the Republicans in attendance all began booing and then started chanting "U-S-A". The man, who was holding a sign that read "END CLIMATE SILENCE" was immediately escorted out of the event.

Throughout, Romney has a frozen smile and just waits for the protestor to be removed. He then continues with his speech right where he left off without saying a word about climate change. This is but the latest example of Romney ignoring the issue, he will not accept science of climate change and he will not acknowledge the causes of extreme weather.

Even a tragic event like Hurricane Sandy will not cause Republican faithfuls to pull their heads out of the sand. Republicans have demonstrated their commitment to ignore reality and if elected Romney will make good on his promise to make his anti-scientific rejection of climate change a national policy that will imperil America and the world.

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