Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Daily Beast's List of America's Greenest Politicians (2012)

The Daily Beast ranked the greenest legislators to identify the most "eco-friendly" politicians in the US. To compile this list they started with the most recent annual scoring of legislators’ environmental records from the League of Conservation Voters (LCV). They also looked at donations from the fossil fuel industry and donations from environmental policy and alternate energy interests. Bonus points were awarded for politicians who are members of environmental caucuses. It should come as no surprise that all are Democrats and not a single Republican made the list. Here is the list of the 20 greenest politicians in America:

20. Barbara Mikulski, Senator (D), Maryland

19. Jim Moran, Representative (D), Virginia

18. Barbara Lee, Representative (D), California

17. Dianne Feinstein, Senator (D), California

16. Harry Reid, Senator (D), Nevada

15. John Kerry, Senator (D), Massachusetts

14. Tim Bishop, Representative (D), New York

13. Michael Bennet, Senator (D), Colorado

12. Richard Blumenthal, Senator (D), Connecticut

11. Tammy Baldwin, Representative (D), Wisconsin

10. Donna Edwards, Representative (D), Maryland

9. Gerry Connolly, Representative (D), Virginia

8. Lynn Woolsey, Representative (D), California

7. Sheldon Whitehouse, Senator (D), Rhode Island

6. Sam Farr, Representative (D), California

5. Barbara Boxer, Senator (D), California

4. Mark Udall, Senator (D), Colorado

3. Jeff Merkley, Senator (D), Oregon

2. Rush Holt, Representative (D), New Jersey

1. Raul Grijalva, Representative (D), Arizona

Source: The Daily Beast  

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