Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Most Sustainable Companies in the World

We are seeing an ever growing number of companies address the issue of sustainability with sincerity and depth that go far beyond the public relations ploys of yesteryear. This preoccupation with efficiency is an important bottom line issue. As water, land, minerals, and fossil fuels get more scarce and costly, sustainability is an unavoidable imperitive. Here are some examples of companies that are leading the way towards this resource constrained future.

Rankings of Sustainable Companies

Top 50 Companies in the 2012 Sustainability Leadership Report
Newsweek's Green Rankings Winners Reputation and Reality (2012)
Newsweek's Greenest Companies in the US (2012)
Newsweek's Greenest Companies in the World (2012)
Newsweek's Greenest Retailers in the US (2012)
Newsweek's Greenest Tech Companies in the US (2012)
Top Green Energy Management Software Companies
Winners of the 2011 International Green Awards
International Green Awards 2012 Short Lists Announced
Global 100's Most Sustainability Corporations in North America
Carbon Rankings from the Environmental Investment Organization 
Top Ten Companies in the 2012 Carbon Disclosure Project Report
Top 10 Global Sustainability Leaders (2012 Report)
America's Greenest Brands
Winners of the 2011 Green Chemistry Awards
Green Businesses that Made It Big
Corporate Green Ranking: Top Spots and Most Improved
The World's Greenest Companies (2011)
America's Greenest Companies (2011)
Canada's Greenest Companies (2011)
Newsweek's 10 Greenest Companies (2010)
America's Most Sustainable Businesses (2009)
Canada's Most Sustainable Businesses (2009)
Greener Japanese Companies
Surveys of America's Greenest Brands Suggest that Redemption is Possible
What Businesses are Doing to Combat Climate Change's "10 Great Companies Who Were Green Before It Was Cool" 
EPA’s Top 20 On-Site Power Generation List
EPA's Top Green Powered Organizations (Q1 2012)

Individual Sustainable Companies

Zotos Earns a Place on the EPA’s Top 20 On-Site Power Generation List
Puma Wins the Guardians' Sustainable Business Award
PUMA's Sustainable Packaging Innovation
PUMA's Comprehensive Sustainable Strategy
HP's Sustainable Innovation Serves the Planet
Xerox's Green Innovation
TerraCycle Reach a Major Milestone in Non-Recyclable Materials
Xcel Energy's Planned Emissions Reductions 
PepsiCo's Sustainability Efforts
Canadian Tire's Sustainability Leadership

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