Friday, November 23, 2012

Tips to Make Black Friday More Green from FatWallet

Black Friday is a consumer spectacle that is rife with excess and waste. However, FatWallet offers some tips on how to make your black Friday more green. Try to find products that that are made from recycled or biodegradable materials. For example, several book publishers now only print books made from recycled paper. In terms of appliances and electronic devices, check for items that are rechargeable or energy-efficient. They should have the Energy Star logo on them if they are verified efficient machines. Another tip is to look for products that use minimal packaging. After all, if the box and plastic wrappings are going to be thrown away, why pay extra for them and add to the landfills? When it is time to pay, use a green credit card whenever possible. These are credit cards where a portion of each transaction that a customer makes goes towards support for green charities or causes. Finally, pack all of the new purchases into reusable shopping bags instead of reaching for a pile of plastic bags.

Green Buying Tips — Brush up on some common products with eco-friendly alternatives.
Shopping Green — Try shopping online or taking public transit to cut down on gas emissions.
Green Tuesday — This event provides an environmentally friendly shopping alternative where people can still find great deals.
Green Shopping Pointers — Shop guilt-free on Black Friday with these effective green tips.
Green Holiday Shopping — Getting an early start on holiday shopping this Black Friday? Use these helpful tips to avoid unnecessary wastage and pollution.
Buying Gifts (PDF) — This article outlines some helpful advice on shopping for eco-friendly gifts on Black Friday.
Think Before Buying — Learn how to properly examine products and ask the right questions to ensure that it is eco-friendly.
Reusable Items — Look for items that are reusable with a long lifespan to reduce the amount of trash that is created.
Black Friday Energy Tips — Stock up on energy-saving devices on Black Friday by knowing what to look for.
Waste-Wise Shopping — Shopping for items that are made from recycled materials is one way to go green on Black Friday.
The Rise of Green Tuesday — Over recent years, Green Tuesday has been quickly catching on as a more responsible way of shopping.
Make it a Green Friday — Buying local or cutting down on driving are a couple of ways to shop in an eco-friendly way.
Buying Books — This Black Friday when buying books, support responsible publishing companies that manufacture with recycled materials.
Advance Planning — Planning your purchases in advance can help towards a more green shopping experience. 

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