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Winners of the 2011 International Green Awards

The International Green Awards is the leading platform for sustainability intelligence, leadership and innovation. The awards launched in 2006 to critical acclaim with the objective of recognising the best-in-class examples of sustainability communications and have gone from strength-to-strength since then. In 2009, the Awards introduced an ‘International’ category, encouraging applications from the world over. The response to this category was overwhelming and thus, in 2010, the Awards opened all categories to global participation and culminated with an international Grand Prix winner – China Environmental Protection Foundation in association with DDB-China. Their inaugural 'Lifetime Achievement Award' was given to Sir David Attenborough for his lifelong commitment to biodiversity.

In 2011, the awards widened its remit to encompass 360° sustainability projects in business and introduced the 'Best Green International Celebrity Award', open to public voting for the first time, was won by Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Kenyan visionary Prof. Wangari Maathai was posthumously honoured with our 2nd Lifetime Achievement Award for establishing perhaps the greatest tree planting initiative - the Green Belt Movement. Global FMCG leader Unilever bagged the Green Grand Prix, by virtue of their ambitious 'Sustainable Living' plan.

Here are some of the winners of the 2011 International Green Awards:

• Best Green International Business Award (Large)

Gold Winner: Unilever (UK) Silver Winner: Puma (USA/Germany) Bronze Winner: DNV (Norway)

• Best Green International Business Award (Medium)

Gold Winner: The Yalumba Wine Company (Australia) Silver Winner: Kebony ASA (U.K.) Bronze Winner: Wellman International (Ireland)

• Best Green Entrepreneur Award (or Start-up)

Gold Winner: Dale Vince (U.K.) Silver Winner: Double Helix Tracking Technologies (Singapore) Bronze Winner: Reel Gardening (South Africa) • Best Green Government Award Gold Winner: Dublin Fire Brigade -- "Kilbarrack Fire Station" (Ireland) Silver Winner: Peterborough City Council (U.K.) Bronze Winner: The Carbon Trust/Sysdoc -- "The Carbon Trust Aggregates Carbon Reduction Project" (U.K.)

• Best Sustainable Investment

Gold Winner: The Environmental Investment Partnership LLP (U.K.) Silver Winner: Global Environmental and Social Business (U.K.) Bronze Winner: Sindicatum Sustainable Resources (Singapore)

• Best Green Energy Efficiency Initiative Award

Gold Winner: Marks & Spencer (U.K.) Silver Winner: OPower -- "Leading the Way Towards Taking Cities off the Grid" (U.S.) Silver Winner: Hewlett-Packard -- "HP Wynyard Data Center" (Germany) Bronze Winner: BBC / Arup -- "BBC low energy lighting program" (U.K.)

• Best Green Intelligent Buildings Award

Gold Winner: Deutsche Bank -- Deutsche Bank Towers (Germany) Silver Winner: PwC -- 7 More London (U.K.) Bronze Winner: Beijing Chyau Fwu Properties Co Ltd. -- "Parkview Green FangCaoDi" (Hong Kong)

• Best Green New Product Innovation

Gold Winner: Solvatten AB -- "Solvatten" (Sweden) Silver Winner: Samsung Electronics -- "Ecobubble Washing Machine" (U.K.) Silver Winner: Nissan -- "Nissan Leaf" (Belgium) Bronze Winner: Puma SE -- "Clever Little Bag" (U.S.)

• Best Green Employee Engagement Award

Gold Winner: Earthwatch -- "Engaging HSBC Employees in Sustainability" (U.K.) Silver Winner: Marks & Spencer -- "Plan A Employee Engagement" (U.K.) Bronze Winner: Deutsche Bank -- "Earth Week" (Germany)

• Best Green Advertising & PR Award

Gold Winner: The Danish Transport Authority -- "Drive Green" (Denmark) Silver Winner: British Gas -- "Green Streets" (U.K.) Silver Winner: Greater London Authority -- "Capital Bee -- Saving London's Bees" (U.K.) Bronze Winner: Republic of Everyone -- "Garage Sale Trail" (Australia) Bronze Winner: P&G -- "Future Friendly 4 2010" (U.K.)

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