Thursday, December 13, 2012

Global CO2 Emissions Data for 2011 from the CDIAC

The Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) have published the provisional CO2 emissions data for 2011, which provides more detail than the figures released by the Global Carbon Project. While the data in the US, UK and some parts of Europe are encouraging, in Asia, particularly China and India we are seeing unsustainable increases in carbon emissions.

2010 and 2011 (% INCREASE)

UK: 134058 / 124886  (-6.8)
US: 1500864 / 1473381  (-1.8)
REST NORTH AMERICA: 266235 / 271286  (1.9)
EUROPE (EXCL UK): 1246070 / 1245760  (0.0)
RUSSIA:  445326 / 458108  (2.9)
MIDDLE EAST:  496096 / 514791  (3.8)
AFRICA:  341068 / 343051  (0.6)
CHINA:  2260287 / 2484812  (9.9)
INDIA:  572692 / 615500  (7.5)
REST ASIA/PACIFIC: 1102394 / 1124795  (2.0)
SOUTH AMERICA: 340452 / 350774  (3.0)
OTHERS: 485995 / 463709  (-4.6)

TOTAL 9191537 / 9470853 3.0

The US UK and EU

The CDIAC data shows that emissions in the UK and US are declining. As a whole, Europe's emissions are unchanged, however certain countries in the EU like Germany and France have reduced emissions. The progress in these countries is offset by countries like Poland and some other Eastern European nations where emissions are increasing.

China and India

China and India have continued to massively increase their emissions. Together they now account for a third of global emissions, and both plan to continue to increase them substantially for many years to come. At the current rate of increase their fossil fuel emissions will double by 2020, by which time they will account for over half of the global CO2.

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