Sunday, December 2, 2012

Governance and Sustainable Development: Building Commerce and Communities (Event)

This Conference will take place from the 10th to the 13th of December 2012 in Coimbatore, India. Sustainable development involves a complex and intricate relationship between commerce and communities. Find out more about sustainable development at this event organized by Amrita University, India and Deakin University, Australia.

The International Conference on Sustainable Development and Governance (ICSDG): Building Commerce and Communities, will be a platform for leaders and academics from around the world to consider Management and Governance solutions for the Water, Energy and Waste Management crisis facing communities and industry across India.Noted researchers will provide stimulating discussion on emerging and innovative ways that businesses and communities can come together to promote sustainable development.

The global community now faces unprecedented pressure on energy, water, and food because of population growth and commercial development. Sustainable development is a key responsibility of governing bodies at all levels – organizational, national, and global. The ICSDG will contribute to the building of an innovative and efficient roadmap towards sustainable development by bringing together prominent thought leaders, practitioners, and academics in the field. Effective partnerships based on good governance between commerce and communities are seen as critical for meeting the various challenges confronting sustainable management – both in India and globally.

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