Monday, December 17, 2012

Greenpeace Toxics Campaigner John Deans Talks Campaign Strategy

In an interview with Brandchannel, Greenpeace Toxics Campaigner John Deans made it abundantly clear that there is a new highly effective approach that is taking businesses to task for their irresponsible practices. These Greenpeace campaigns are putting the extraordinary power of social media to work for the environment.

“We’re not your grandfather’s Greenpeace anymore," Deans told Brandchannel. "We’re part of a new, building movement with a new set of people who are social media denizens. Brands see it’s not going away and that Greenpeace is communicating directly with their customers."

Deans remarked about how quickly social media messages can be disseminated, “Social media tools have let Greenpeace latch on to the viral nature of online society – and find where people are in order to spark their interest.”

Greenpeace is writing the proverbial book on how to use digital technologies for issues of environmental and social justice. As explained by Brandchannel, "the organization is now a master class in how social media activism can bridge real world physical protests, with a digital call-to-action and sophisticated, cross-channel campaigns giving people to persuade brands to step up and walk their talk."

One of the more powerful aspects of Greenpeace's social media strategy involved they way they co-opt the logos and catch phrases of popular brands.

“Companies and brands are major icons for people, prevalent and ingrained through the media. We use their logos and messaging to show the other side of the coin, ‘here’s the dirty secret’ associated with that branding,” Deans said.

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