Monday, December 17, 2012

Waitrose Bows to Greenpeace Pressure

In less than 2 weeks Greenpeace succeeded in getting UK supermarket Waitrose to rethink its partnership with Shell. The Greenpeace campaign targeted Waitros' stores in Shell gas stations because of the oil company’s plans to drill in the Arctic. This decision means Waitrose has shelved plans to expand on the number of  stores in Shell gas stations. Waitrose currently has two pilot stores and had planned on adding more in 2013. Yet again this underscores the power of consumer driven campaigns to influence the business practices of major brands.

The partnership between Waitrose and Shell is hypocritical when you consider that Waitrose is a company that had previously worked with Greenpeace to develop its sustainable fishing policies.

Waitrose illustrates just how dangerous it can be for companies who try to show concern for the environment on the one hand while irresponsibly pursuing profits on the other. Greenpeace originally lauded Waitrose for establishing an Arctic Sanctuary and then was forced to criticize the company after it forged a partnership with the dirty energy giant.

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