Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 International CES: Smartphones and Eversense 2.0

CES Las Vegas is the world's largest consumer electronics show and there are many technologies on display that can help to minimize our footprints. Smartphones are a ubiquitous part of our lives, however more than half (65%) of the time these phones are being used for purposes other than communications. Increasingly smartphones are becoming interfaces to services. They are now handheld computing tools that can serve our energy and environment needs. This includes everything from monitoring our energy use to calculating our carbon footprints.

One stellar example of a new home energy management system is Eversense 2.0, it uses your phone to turn lights turn off and adjust the thermostat, it can even set your alarm.

Allure Energy introduced EverSense 2.0 at CES. The goal of this device is to automate home energy management in a way that is simple and fun. EverSense 2.0 is an Interactive Home Environment that users can easily setup and manage automatically.

EverSense is but one example of a number of intelligent thermostats. What sets EverSense apart is its ease of use. A mobile app connects your smartphone back to your home and allows you to set triggered events based upon location. So, for example, as you approach your home the thermostat can turn on, enabling you to turn it down when you are not there. This system can also be used by all family member through multiple devices which can be paired with the system.

For those concerned about privacy the release does expressly indicate your location and info is never sent to the cloud, it remains secure on your smartphone.

SyncPads can also allow you to do things like shut down all lights when the phone is placed on your night table.

EverSense is also looking to the future. In an era of increasingly frequent extreme weather events, EverSense intends to incorporate a weather application including animated radar.

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