Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ernst & Young: 2012 Excellence in Integrated Reporting Awards

Corporate reporting practices globally are undergoing radical revisions as increasing stakeholder demands and resource limits are forcing companies to critically re-evaluate how they communicate their operations in a transparent manner. Integrated reporting, as mandated by the third King Report, seeks to address the integration of critical financial and non-financial performance measures not only into reporting but also into long term corporate strategy. South Africa is leading the way internationally in this regard, being the first country in the world to take on integrated reporting on scale.

Through this survey, Ernst & Young has assessed the progress that the top listed companies and state-owned entities that have made in producing integrated reports. With there being limited guidance on what comprises an integrated report, it is pleasing to note the number of companies and entities that have made serious attempts to flesh out what they believe an integrated report should comprise of. While a number of companies have only made some initial steps in moving to produce an integrated report which is significantly different from their previous annual report, it is hoped that this survey will encourage them to take further steps on this journey, as well as to help identify those companies and entities that can be used as examples to follow.

2012 Excellence in Integrated Reporting results:

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