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Event: 3rd Annual Electric Energy Storage

This event is subtitled Assessing the Technological and Economic Potential of Electric Storage Operations for Real-Time Applications. It will take place on January 8-10, 2013 at Embassy Suites Biltmore, Phoenix, Arizona.

Event Focus

Energy storage technologies have the potential to improve grid efficiency and reliability by optimizing power flows and supporting variable power supplies. However, storage applications are often costly and don’t always produce achievable returns in every grid scenario. Finding a reliable and profitable strategy within electric storage can be a daunting and confusing task, as utilities struggle to understand the tools necessary for accurately determining its economic impact and viability.

Key Topics

Dissect evaluation methodologies and examine appropriate structures for electric storage technologies
Determine suitable scenarios and technologies for storage application to minimize cost and operational risk
Establish financial support in the current regulatory market to develop storage with long-term viable revenue streams Integrate energy storage technologies for optimal planning, operations and customer solutions
Develop storage with long-term viable streams

Key Features

Two Pre-Conference Workshops on January 8, 2013 at Additional Cost: Pre-Conference Workshop A: Think Big, Start Small: Lessons Learned from Community Energy Storage (CES) Initiatives and How They Can Progress Bulk Energy Storage Pre-Conference Workshop B: Transforming Technology and Large Scale Energy by Utilizing Transporation to Support the Smart Grid

Why Should You Attend?

The 3rd Annual Electric Energy Storage Conference will be a two and a half-day, industry focused event, specific to those within Energy Storage, Renewable Energy, Regulatory Policy and Planning and Research and Development. This conference will bring together the leading senior executives to discuss technological advances and case studies, while focusing on the tools and strategies necessary to bring energy storage operations into real time energy operations.

Attending This Event Will Enable You to: 

1. Examine Drexel Universitys grid-level EES project to evaluate the potential of flow batteries and super capacitors
2. Think big, start small: lessons learned from community energy storage initiatives and how they can progress bulk energy storage
3. Classify the market structure to accurately determine the economic feasibility and impact of storage
4. Develop a sustainable policy and regulatory framework for energy storage technology
5. Classify the market structure to accurately determine the economic feasibility and impact of storage
6. Experience highly interactive conference sessions, 10-15 minutes of Q&A time after each presentation, 4+ hours of networking and exclusive online access to materials post-event

With a one-track focus, the 3rd Annual Electric Energy Storage Conference is a highly intensive, content-driven event that includes case studies, presentations and panel discussions over two full days.

Key Speakers

Craig Glazer
Vice President, Federal Government Policy, PJM Interconnection

John Moura
Associate Director, Reliability Assessment, NERC

Michael Robinson
Manager, Market Design, Midwest ISO

Bob Lane
Director, FERC, CAISO & Reliability Compliance, San Diego Gas & Electric

Henry Durrwachter
Director, ERCOT Market Services, Luminant

Past Attendees Include:
US Department of Energy
Southern California Edison
Austin Energy
Hydro One
Iowa Stored Energy Park
PJM Interconnection
Sandia National Laboratory
Xcel Energy
Midwest ISO
PNM Resources
APS Renewable Energy
US Renewable Corporation
Southern California Edison
Progress Energy Florida Inc

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