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The Green Market Oracle's Top 20 Stories of 2012: Environmental Politics

In 2012 we saw a number of political stories that have significant repercussions for the environment. These stories cover the less than stellar outcome of COP 18, Republican anti-environmentalism, the US federal election, and the environmental efforts of President Obama and the Democrats. Another important environmental story involves the dismantling of environmental protections by Canada's ruling Conservatives.

The Green Market Oracle's top six stories of 2012 involve the subjects of Sustainability, science and weather. The next series of top stories (7 - 11) is focused on environmental politics. The third installment of The Green Market Oracle's top 20 stories (12 - 16) deal with environmental communications. The final installment (17 - 20) is focused on education.

Here is the second installment of The Green Market Oracle's top 20 stories of 2012.

7. The Inadequacy of the Climate Gateway Deal at COP 18 

Although COP 18 succeeded in securing a deal known as the Climate Gateway, many were hoping for much more than another round of promises. The lack of consensus for the renewal of the Kyoto Protocol is one the most important failures of the Doha talks.

Greenpeace International Representative Kumi Naidoo on the Failure of COP 18 (Video)
Why We Did Not Make More Progress at COP 18: A Short History of Climate Change Negotiations (Video)
Achievements of COP 18: The Doha Climate Gateway
Plea for Action at COP 18 by the Delegate from the Philippines (Video)
COP 18: Bridging the Gulf Between Science and Reality
A Short History of the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP)
Yvo de Boer's Comments and Predictions Post COP 17
COP 18: The History of Carbon and Respective Responsibilities
COP 18: WBCSD on Establishing a Global Carbon Market
Figueres on COP 18: We Need Domestic Legislation
COP 18 Drivers of Deforestation (Video)
Doha progress update by Christiana Figueres on 30 November 2012 (Video)
Christiana Figueres on the Objectives of COP 18 (Video)
COP 18: Major Issues, Flooding in the UK, What We Have Achieved on Climate Change and the US Position (Video)

 8. The Re-election of President Obama and More Representation from Democrats in Congress

This was arguably one of the most important elections in American history. Despite Republican obstructionism, the President and the Democrats made significant progress. The re-election of Obama and increased representation from Democrats in Congress is driving hopes for far more environmental action in the next four years.

Hopes for Environmental Action in President Obama's Second Term
President Obama's Victory Speech: "The Best is Yet to Come"
Obama's and Romney's Energy Advisers: A Study in Contrasts
A Vote for Obama is a Vote for Survival
Republican Gov. Christie Embraces President Obama
Climate Change is One of the Reasons Colin Powell Endorses President Obama
Citing Climate Change Mayor Bloomberg Endorses President Obama Hurricane Sandy Prompts Gov. Cuomo and Other Democrats to Speak Out on Climate Change
Citing Climate Change Mayor Bloomberg Endorses President Obama
News Coverage of Bloomberg's Endorsement of Obama (Video)
Taking Stock of President Obama's Environmental Efforts
Obama Addresses Solutions to Climate Change Long Before Becoming President(Video)
US 2012 Presidential Elections: President Obama Addresses Climate Change (Video)
President Obama Spells out his Climate Change Agenda Before Taking Office (Video)
President Obama Addresses Climate Change at the UN (Video)
Why President Obama was Unable to do More on the Environment (Video)
The Green Elements of the First 2012 Presidential Debate
President Obama's Efforts on the Environment and Education
Taking Stock of President Obama's Environmental Efforts
The Obama Administration Has Grown Renewable Energy
American Voters Want More Renewable Energy
Obama's Energy Efficiency Executive Order for Industry
Obama Administration's New Vehicle Standards
Romney Lied about the Success of Obama's Green Stimulus
Romney's Coal Fired Campaign Versus Obama's Wind Power
Obama Striving to Put an End to Oil Subsidies
Obama Administration's New Vehicle Standards
Obama's National Goal of One Million EVs by 2020
Obama's Jobs Plan Emphasizes green employment
Obama 2013 Budget Seeks to Make Renewable Tax Credits Permanent
Clean Energy Excerpts of President Obama's 2012 State of the Union Speech
President Obama's 2013 Environmental Budget
Excerpts of President Obama's American Jobs Act
Energy Efficiency Partnerships: Obama's American Jobs Act
President Obama's American Jobs Act (Video)
Hopes for Environmental Action in President Obama's Second Term
Election 2012: Implications for Coal and Natural Gas
Election 2012: A Mandate for Action on Climate Change
The 2012 Election Saw the Rise of Environmentalists as a Political Force
President Obama's Victory Speech: "The Best is Yet to Come"
Environmental Politics: Obama Versus the GOP
The State of Government Sustainability Efforts
Democrats Climate Change Caucus in Washington Breeds Hope for Legislation on Emissions Reduction
DNC Platform is Less Environmentally Focused than in 2008
Climate Change and the Democratic Party Platform at the DNC
Democrats Against Efforts to Manage Climate Change

9. Republican Anti-Environmentalism

Republicans including Presidential candidate Mitt Romney had a vision for the future that can only be described as anti-environment. The GOP remained hopelessly disconnected from climate science and members of Congress waged an aggressive campaign to stymie efforts to address global warming.

Republicans Need a Serious Policy Review
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Accepts the Science of Climate Change (Video)
Obama's and Romney's Energy Advisers: A Study in Contrasts
Hurricane Sandy Underscores Republican's Anti-Science Climate Change Denial (Video)
Romney's Climate Change Ignorance on Display (Video)
Romney Ignores the Causes of Hurricane Sandy as Republicans Shout Down Climate Change Advocate (Video)
Romney's Environmentally Destructive Vision for America
Mitt Romney's Love Affair With Big Oil
Romney's Coal Fired Campaign Versus Obama's Wind Power
What Romney's Energy Policy looks Like on the Ground (Video)
Mitt Romeny: The Legacy He Will Leave for our Children
Romney Increasingly Uncertain about Climate Change
Climate Denying Republicans Delay their Convention Due to Extreme Weather
GOP VP Candidate Paul Ryan's Unsustainable Voting Record on Energy and the Environment
Citizens United is Helping Romney to Win the White House and Destroy the Environment
Political "Heroes" and "Villains" on US Air Pollution
Big Oil's Influence on US Politicians
Environmental Politics: Obama Versus the Republicans
Republicans Deny Facts on Climate Change
The Ignorant Anti-Environmental Views of the Republicans
Republicans Vow to Continue Push for Keystone XL
Video: Republicans Believe in Demonic Possession but Not Climate Change
Video: Conservatives Against Republican Denialism
Video: The Republican War on Climate Science
Video: Republicans Anti-Scientific Stance
The Stark Partisan Divide on Global Warming
Environmental Gap Narrowing Between Dems and GOP

10. EPA Actions

The EPA has struggled against Republicans and industry in 2012.  Despite these powerful headwinds the EPA has managed to put forth standards on carbon and soot. The EPA's efforts now extend to vehicles, power plants and the airline industry. Sadly, chief administrator Jackson was forced to resign in the face of unrelenting opposition.

Too Dirty to Fail: The GOP's Ongoing War with EPA Standards
Koch Industries War with the EPA
EPA Chief Forced Out By Dirty Industries and Anti-Environment Republicans
EPA's New Soot Rule
EPA's New Vehicle Standards
EPA's Carbon Pollution Standard has Strong Support
EPA Limits GHGs from Power Plants
EPA Proposes Standards for the Airline Industry
The EPA Seeks Historic Proposal to Limit Pollution
Supreme Court Recognizes EPA Role in Carbon Pollution Protection
EPA's Carbon Pollution Standard
EPA's Energy Winners for 2012
The EPA's Top Green Powered Organizations
EPA's Green Power Partnerships
EPA's 2012 Green Power Partnership Winners
EPA's Top Green Powered Organizations
Top Companies in the 2012 Climate Leadership Awards
EPA Green Education Services

11.  Ruling Conservatives Have Made Canada into a Dirty Energy Pariah

Under Stephen Harper`s Conservative leadership Canada has seen its environmental protections erode as the government seeks to exploit every petrodollar it can get while silencing opposition. This agenda is opposed by every environmental group on the planet. In addition to its support for the Alberta tar sands, the Canadian government has reneged on its Kyoto obligations and refused to renew it making Canada a major hindrance to progress at Rio+20 and COP 18.

Canada is an Environmental Pariah at Rio+20
Canadian Government Spending on Dirty Projects
Conservative Budget Guts the Environment
Canadian Conservative's Support for Dirty Energy
Canada has the Dirtiest Oil on Earth (Video)
Canadian Conservatives Silence Opposition to the Northern Gateway Oil Pipeline
Canadian Conservatives Admit to Killing Environmental Dissent
Report: Canadian Government is Not Helping Business Prepare for Climate Change
Report: Canadian Businesses are Unprepared for Climate Change
Merkel and Harper: Two Opposing Energy Visions
Canada's GHG Ranking
Canada's Green Provincial Report Card
Action to Defend Canada's West Coast from Big Oil
How the Hell did Enbridge get on the DJSI?
Enbridge withdraws from Canada's Carbon Capture Farce

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