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The Green Market Oracle's Top 20 Stories of 2012: Environmental Communications

The urgency of the need for action on climate change requires that we become more sophisticated in our communications. On their own science based approaches are not moving us fast enough in the direction we need to go. In 2012 there were a number of new grassroots approaches that reach out directly to people using persuasive communications combined with digital technologies. This includes new environmental narratives, direct appeals to consumers, movies, and organizations with wide appeal like and Greenpeace.

The Green Market Oracle's top six stories of 2012 involve the subjects of Sustainability, science and weather. The next series of top stories (7 - 11) is focused on environmental politics. The third installment of The Green Market Oracle's top 20 stories (12 - 16) deal with environmental communications. The final installment (17 - 20) is focused on education.

Here are The Green Market Oracle's top 20 stories of 2012 focused on Environmental Communications.

12. New Environmental Narratives

We need to consider new approaches and new narratives to communicate the urgency of action on climate change. While there is a large and growing body of evidence that convincingly proves the existence of anthopogenic climate change, the pace at which the general public is coming to terms with the scientific realities is too slow. Part of the problem concerns the general publics lack of appreciation and understanding of science. New approaches humanize the discourse and render the issue in language that is germane to human psychology.

Crafting a Positive Environmental Narrative
Pessimism is Impeding Environmental Advocacy
Building Support for Action on Climate Change Before We Reach Tipping Points
Why We Need to Reach American Climate Change Deniers
A Thanksgiving Infused with Environmental Gratitude
Is There More to the Mayan Prophecy than Meets the Eye?
How Morality Can Win the War on Climate Change
An Environmentalist and a Buddhist Monk Discuss Human Behavior
Sacred Economics: Exploring the Myth of Separation (Video)
Earth Conscious People in History

13. Bill McKibben and Leaders in Environmental Communications

Bill McKibben and the team are the world's leading environmental advocates. Through a diverse array of grassroots actions they have created a global movement that has been instrumental in fostering environmental awareness and eco-actism. 2013 Global Power Shift in Istanbul Turkey

DEBATE: McKibben vs. Epstein—Are Fossil Fuels a Risk to the Planet? (Video)'s Connect the Dots End Fossil Fuel (2012)'s Bill McKibben on Connect the Dots (2012)
Bill McKibben: Global Warming's Terrifying New Math
Rio+20: Campaign to End Fossil Fuels (2012)'s Bill Mckibben Calls Hurricane Sandy a Wake-up Call (2012)
Bill McKibben on The Fight of Our Lives Video (2012)
Business and Climate Impacts Day from (2012)
Success of the End Fossil Fuels Campaign (2012)

14. Consumers are Putting Their Spending Power to Work

Consumers are playing an increasingly important role in efforts to minimize environmental impacts. Using their spending power consumers are forcing businesses of all sizes to be more environmentally responsible. This movement has seen tremendous growth in 2012 and it is the beginning of a movement that no business can afford to ignore.

Consumer Spending for a Greener World
Green Consumers Really Can Save the World (Video)
Sustainability is the Future of Consumption
The War Between the Earth's Carrying Capacity and Rising Demand
The Revolutionary New Model of Consumption
The Frugal Green Consumer
US Environmental Attitudes 2007 - 2020
Consumers Skeptical of Environmental Claims
Don't Count on the Young to Save the Planet
Carrotmob's Partnership with Unilever
The World's First Global Carrotmob Campaign Educating Consumers about Sustainable Consumption
Profiting From the New Rules of Green Marketing

15. Greenpeace Inspires Consumer Activism

Greenpeace has achieved a great deal in 2012. At the forefront of these efforts is the success of their "Detox Fashion" campaigns. Greenpeace has been a leader on environmental issues for decades but their new campaigns have put the power of social media to work to change the businesses practices of numerous organizations.

Greenpeace's Consumer Powered Pressure Campaigns
Why a Dozen Clothing Giants Have Bowed to Greenpeace
Greenpeace Toxics Campaigner John Deans Talks Campaign Strategy
Levi's Bows to Greenpeace Pressure
Greenpeace Succeeds in Forcing Zara to Detox
Greenpeace's Consumer Powered Pressure Campaign Targets Levi's (Video)
ZARA Mannequins Revolt! (Video)
Waitrose Bows to Greenpeace Pressure

16. The Power of Film to Inform and Inspire

Films including documentaries and movies are helping to inform the public about the state of our environment and the urgency of action. Two recently released films are good examples of their capacity to inform and inspire action. Chasing Ice is a great documentary that provides visual evidence of declining Arctic ice and Promised Land is a movie that illustrates the ways that companies buy-off people to use their lands for the purposes of fracking for natural gas.

Top Environmental Documentaries and Movies
Documentary: Chasing Ice Trailer (Video) Vanishing Ice: A Documentary about Vanishing Ice and Evidence for Climate Change
Promised Land: A Review by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Anti-Fracking Movie Trailer 2 Promised Land (Video) 
Documentary: On Coal River
Documentary: Ecosystem in Crisis (Full Length Video)
Documentary: Greedy Lying Bastards Trailer (Video)
Who Bombed Judi Bari? (Video Trailer)
Education for a Sustainable Future (Video)

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