Thursday, January 17, 2013

Webinar: Finding the Right Energy Management Software Match

On Thursday, January 17, join Janet Lin, Senior Manager, Verdantix for a 60 minute webinar based on unique, ground-breaking research. Live Verdantix webinars are free of charge. Simply register before the number of limited places runs out. The energy management software market emerged in the 1990s in response to corporate challenges to manage increasing energy prices, risk from energy market volatility and rapidly evolving energy and carbon regulations.

Heads of energy, facilities, finance and sustainability who are looking for enterprise software to support their energy management activities should join this webinar to understand how to shortlist suppliers. Based on responses to a 134 point questionnaire and interviews with 15 buyers of energy management software from firms with revenues of over $1 billion.

This webinar will compare the capabilities and market momentum performance of 14 global energy management software suppliers:

  • CA Technologies, 
  • CarbonSystems, 
  • EnergyICT, 
  • Gridpoint, 
  • Hara, 
  • IBM, 
  • IHS, 
  • Infor,
  • Johnson Controls, 
  • JouleX, 
  • SAP, 
  • Schneider Electric, 
  • Siemens 
  • Verisae

Thursday, January 17, 2013
4.00pm - 5.00pm (UK)
11am - 12 noon (EDT)
8am - 9am (PST)

To register for the webinar click here.

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