Sunday, February 10, 2013

Event - Sustainable Communities Conference and Trade Show

The Sustainable Communities Conference and Trade Show will take place on Feb 13 - 15, 2013 at the Caesars Windsor, Windsor Essex, Ontario.

Hundreds of cities and communities across Canada are leading the charge towards local sustainability and the shift to a green economy. Every year, they come together to share their experiences and discuss the latest strategies for sustainable community development.

Be part of this exciting forum for municipal sustainability champions. Attend the 2013 Sustainable Communities Conference (SCC) and Trade Show hosted by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Themes and Streams for 2013

This year's conference theme, "Building Blocks for the Next Generation", focuses on best practices in sustainable development from a wide range of Canadian communities and regions, and highlights innovative projects. Sustainable communities are built upon sustainable infrastructure, including high-efficiency facilities; leadership to envision and implement change; the skills to manage physical and human assets; and a willingness to test and develop new technologies.

This year's Conference will explore three content streams:

1. The Culture of Leadership: Share examples of how leadership can effect changes in policy, process, scope, timelines, or partners, in the pursuit of local sustainable development. We encourage profiles of leadership driven by diverse stakeholders-including mayors, councillors, municipal staff, community groups, residents, businesses, etc.-that have increased citizen engagement, reached new constituencies, improved efficiency in managing public assets, and demonstrated new approaches to sustainable development.

2. Sustainable Infrastructure: Demonstrate viable options for building, retrofitting, repairing and maintaining infrastructure, to help it last longer while reducing its environmental impact and fostering sustainable living. We encourage examples that account for cost over the full lifecycle of the investment.

3. Innovation and Technology: Introduce new technologies and innovative approaches to advance sustainability in changing times. We invite demonstrations of technology in action, focusing on prototypes, pilot programs and applications that have been tested in a Canadian municipality. We encourage municipal practitioners and partners to share examples of innovation through processes, technologies and approaches that advance sustainability.

Why attend

Whether you're planning or have already begun your journey to a sustainable community, the SCC will help to put you on the fast-track to successful project design, implementation and cost recovery.

Gain insight into the latest trends on sustainable development Discover best practices for making communities more socially, ecologically and economically vibrant Network with other municipalities and sustainability experts from across Canada See leading-edge green products and services in the Trade Show

Who attends

The SCC brings together mayors, councillors, alderman/women, municipal staff, federal and provincial representatives, and private sector and not-for-profit sustainability professionals. More than 450 are expected for the 2013 conference. Why Hold the Sustainable Communities Conference in Windsor?

Windsor is a community in transition. As manufacturing declined, Windsor began a journey of renewal and economic transition. Applying expertise developed over decades of making automobiles, Windsor's companies have begun manufacturing solar panels, wind turbines and biomass generators. The City is also rehabilitating ecosystems degraded by earlier industrial practices. Through site visits and study tours, Windsor-Essex will showcase several of its green initiatives.

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