Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Executive Order 13423: Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management

President Obama signed Executive Order (EO) 13423 on February 17, 2009. EO 13423 consolidates and strengthens the sustainable practices of the following preceeding EOs dating back to 1998.

13101 of September 14, 1998
13123 of June 3, 1999
13134 of August 12, 1999
13148 of April 21, 2000
13149 of April 21, 2000

EO 13423 directs federal agencies to establish absolute goals for carbon-cuts, to reduce fossil fuel consumption in federal vehicles by 30 percent, to implement a net-zero-energy requirement for federal buildings and to add sustainability requirements to federal contracts.

As stated by the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive, EO 13423 requires federal agencies to lead by example in advancing the nation’s energy security and environmental performance by increasing energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gases, increasing renewable energy, improving building performance, enhancing water conservation, preventing pollutin, Energy Efficiency: Reduce energy intensity 30 percent by 2015, compared to an FY 2003 baseline.

Greenhouse Gases: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions through reduction of energy intensity 30 percent by 2015, compared to an FY 2003 baseline.

Renewable Power: At least 50 percent of current renewable energy purchases must come from new renewable sources (in service after January 1, 1999).

Building Performance: Construct or renovate buildings in accordance with sustainability strategies, including resource conservation, reduction, and use; siting; and indoor environmental quality.

Water Conservation: Reduce water consumption intensity 16 percent by 2015, compared to an FY 2007 baseline.

Vehicles: Increase purchase of alternative fuel, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles when commercially available. Petroleum Conservation: Reduce petroleum consumption in fleet vehicles by 2 percent annually through 2015, compared to an FY 2005 baseline.

Alternative Fuel: Increase use of alternative fuel consumption by at least 10 percent annually, compared to an FY 2005 baseline.

Pollution Prevention: Reduce use of chemicals and toxic materials and purchase lower risk chemicals and toxic materials.

Procurement: Expand purchases of environmentally sound goods and services, including biobased products. Electronics Management: Annually, 95 percent of electronic products purchased must meet Electronic Product

Environmental Assessment Tool standards where applicable; enable Energy Star® features on 100 percent of computers and monitors; and reuse, donate, sell, or recycle 100 percent of electronic products using environmentally sound management practices.

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