Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jinko Solar: Silicone Procurement at the Heart of its Success

Jinko Solar is well positioned to capitalize on the solar market in 2013 as it has the best balance sheet among their competitors. They are insulated from the high costs of silicone that is adversely impacting their peers. The higher costs of silicone have put upward pressure on the manufacturing costs associated with PV but Jinko is one of the very few solar companies that are well positioned. Jinko's low price leadership is attributable to four primary factors:

1. Jinko's ability to procure silicone at a lower price than their competitors. This is largely attributable to the company's chairman who was in the silicone spot market trading silicone before starting Jinko Solar.

2. Jinko's manufacturing costs are lower because they produce their own ingots, wafers, cells and modules.

3. Jinko also manufactures their own frames and junction boxes.

4. Jinko has one of the most automated PV manufacturing plants in China.

5. Third party insurance

Jinko is positioned to be a major winner in the US and global markets.

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