Sunday, March 17, 2013

Event - Connecting Water Resources 2013: Changing the Water Paradigm

The event, "Connecting Water Resources 2013: Changing the Water Paradigm," will take place on Monday March 18 to Thursday March 21, in Ottawa, Ontario. It will highlight the possibilities that exist for progress and innovation in water management. The event will explore ways of collectively dealing with the issues and challenges of water management.

This flagship event will provide a focus on the ways in which new technologies can best be applied. A significant portion of the discussions will focus on innovations and progress using novel approaches to applying existing and emerging research, knowledge and technologies to both policy and practice.

Increasingly, those addressing water management recognize that success must extend beyond technological solutions for isolated challenges and take action within more systemic approaches. By stepping back, and allowing ourselves to rethink the paradigms through which we are approaching the challenges, possibilities for progress emerge.

The event will feature a mix of high-profile international speakers from government, academia and the private sector, who will be providing examples and case studies of changed and changing paradigms.

Important pieces will be brought together with the aim of catalyzing progress. In addition to networking opportunities there will be discussions about future collaborations.

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