Saturday, March 30, 2013

Video - The Big Thirst the Business of Water

The golden age of water—where water is unlimited, safe, and free—is over. Award-winning investigative journalist Charles Fishman reports on his three-year odyssey to uncover how the world of water is changing and the enormous implications for each of us, no matter where we live. This video briefly explores the cutting edge of waters bio-chemistry. Our relationship with water is one of the deciding things of the next century.

Water is not only a matter of life and death. Dirty water is not only deadly, treating water-born illnesses is a very expensive proposition. India spends more on diarrhea than the total economic output of half of the nations in the world.

The US uses more water in a day than oil throughout an average year, and more water in four days than the entire world uses oil in a year. However, the US uses less water than it did in 1980. In the last 25 years the country has more than doubled its water productivity. This makes the point that it is possible to be a modern economy and use substantially less water.

We need to pay attention to what businesses are doing, this includes both risks and the opportunities. Positive change starts with putting a price on water. This will not only reduce use it will drive innovation. Fishman goes on to cite three examples of water innovation by businesses around the world.

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