Saturday, March 2, 2013

Video - Climate Change and Extreme Weather: Prof. Jennifer Francis (2013)

This educational video summarizes the evidence for climate change. Click on blue time codes below to advance to these topics:

Note: The original 112-minute conference video of Jennifer Francis's presentation is the official product of StormCenter Communications Inc. It is posted on their StormCenterInc youtube channel here.

Prof. Francis' talk was filmed at the 24th annual Glen Gerberg Weather and Climate Summit, held in Breckinridge (Colorado) January 2013. You can view all videos from that conference and download the ppt presentations here.

ADVANCE TO TOPICS by clicking on the blue time codes below:

00:35 - Scientists and the public now link extreme weather events to CO2 rise.

07:19 - Overwhelming evidence that climate change is human-caused.

14:23 - "We have changed Mother Nature's deck of cards."

15:32 - Effects of increased CO2 levels on the Arctic: "Arctic Amplification."

23:49 - Understanding the jetstream.

24:44 - A warmer Arctic causes the jetstream to weaken and meander.

29:21 - The jetstream now "blocks" over Greenland in summer.

30:03 - Greenland ice melt is increasing.

30:55 - Examples of extreme weather events correlated with a weak, meandering jetstream.

34:53 - Superstorm Sandy's connection to a warming, melting Arctic.

37:18 - Summary and conclusions: "The public is listening now."

Source: StormCenter Communications, Inc

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