Saturday, March 16, 2013

Video - Fascinating Green Technology Investments

What are the technologies that will help to build a future that is 100 percent sustainable, a future that creates long term wealth as well as preserving and protecting assets. Green technology investments offer the highest ROI with the fastest payback. Sustainable technology investments provide growth opportunities, employment, affordable clean energy and sustainable transport. This video reviews some highly innovative fascinating sustainable technology solutions, like energy towers.

These and other technologies are covered in "Green R.O.I.: Sustainable Investing," a book by Ken Howard. The book addresses green infrastructure and sustainable investing for our future. This book is loaded with visionary technologies and the companies that are poised to change the destiny of our planet.

The 40,000 word book contains 55 videos and almost 200 Pictures, graphs and stock charts.

Ken’s book, is available at the Apple Store as an Apple iPad Download for $12.99. Click here.

For a paperback version of the book click here. This version of the book is titled "INTERNOMICS."

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