Saturday, March 9, 2013

Video - The Impact of Investing

"The Impact of Investing" John Fullerton, CEO and founder of Capital Institute and former JP Morgan managing director discusses impact investing and the future of sustainable finance at the "Beyond Divestment" conference at Middlebury College.

In recent weeks, the movement to divest college and university endowments from the fossil fuel industry has spread to over 250 schools. Just last weekend, hundreds of students converged outside of Philadelphia to strategize and grow the movement. Today, those activists are back on campus meeting with their peers and planning ways to escalate their campaigns and fight for their futures.

These brave young people are asking difficult questions about the role of universities and the ethics of one of the world's most powerful industries. Now, students at Middlebury, the birthplace of 350, are using the opportunity to ask even harder questions about the basic nature of our economic system.

On Wednesday, March 6th they came together for day-long summit titled "Beyond Divestment." This summit was held by the New Economics Institute which seeks to create space for the Middlebury community to explore the kinds of economic alternatives that are springing up all over the world.

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